Laboratories – Computer Science & Engineering

In order to cope with the global requirements the institute provides the latest facilities to the students such as MM Class Rooms (Higher Semester), Networking of Class Rooms with electronic database and MM Theaters for conferencing. The building has well equipped laboratories to conduct experimental works. All the lecture halls are well ventilated and to be provided with latest teaching aids like multimedia-overhead projectors along with the white boards.


  • 16 Computer Labs with more than 300 computers with latest configurations like Intel Core i3 and Core i5, Core i7
  • 1 High-Tech Internet Lab with multimedia facilities
  • High speed internet connection with 62 Mbps Line
  • Fully Wi-Fi enabled campus and Hostels
  • ICT enabled Smart classrooms.


  • Operating System Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • System Programming – 1 Lab
  • System Programming – 2 Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Hardware Lab
  • Software Design Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Web Development Lab
  • Distributed Computing & Soft Computing Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Computer Center