Faculty Profile Mechanical Department

Name:                    Dr. Pallavi H. Agarwal
Qualification:       Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering)
Designation:         Professor, Principal BIT
Experience:           Teaching:- 17 Years Industry:- 1 Year
Email:                      pallaviagarwal.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991- Ext 995

Name:                     Sachin D Daxini
Qualification:       Ph.D. , M.E. (CAD – CAM), B.E. Mechanical
Designation:         Associate Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 14 Years Industry:- 3 Years
Email:                      sachindaxini.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   9712849593                         View Profile

Name:                     Zulfiquar N. Ansari
Qualification:       M.E. (Mechanical-JPGTP), Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 12 Years Industry:- 5 Years
Email:                      zulfiquaransari.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991,9436397181 Ext: 960                         View Profile

Name:                       Nilesh A. Patel
Qualification:       M.E. (General)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 12.5 Years Industry:- 3 Years
Email:                      nileshpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  0265-2303991, 7096655069 Ext: 959                         View Profile

Name:                      Gaurang R. Rohit
Qualification:       M.Tech. (CAD/CAM)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 10.7 Years Industry:- 1 Year
Email:                      gaurangrohit.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9974772410 Ext: 960                         View Profile

Name:                      Mandar  M. Sumant
Qualification:       M.E. (Advanced Manufacturing Systems)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 8.5 Years Industry:- 4 year
Email:                      mandarsumant.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9427603531                         View Profile

Name:                      Chetankumar k Gohel
Qualification:       M.E. (CAD/CAM)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 10 Years Industry:- 0.1 months
Email:                      chetangohel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  0265-2303991, 9924469261 Ext-945                         View Profile

Name:                      Pritesh R Patel
Qualification:       Ph.D. Pursuing, M.E. (AMS), B.E. Mechanical
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 8.1 Years Industry:- 8.9 Years
Email:                      priteshpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 8758815137                         View Profile

Name:                      Ankur P Patel
Qualification:       B.E. (Mechanical) M.E. (Mechanical, Machine Design)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 9 Years Industry:- 1.5 Years
Email:                      ankurpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9726471028                         View Profile

Name:                     Khodidas P Sodavadia
Qualification:       M.E. (CAD/CAM)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 8.5 Years Industry:- –
Email:                      khodidassodavadia.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9998348965 Ext:945                         View Profile

Name:                      Alokkumar D Dwivedi
Qualification:       M.E. (CAD/CAM)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 8.3 Years Industry:- 1.11 Years
Email:                      alokdwivedi.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9737256974        View Profile

Name:                       Mukund B Pandya
Qualification:        B.E (Mechanical), M.Tech. (Mechanical-Thermal Engg.)
Designation:          Assistant Professor
Experience:            Teaching:- 7.7 Years Industry:- 8 Months
Email:                       mukundpandya.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9558649217 Ext: 930                         View Profile

Name:                       Nirmal Kumar Kushwaha
Qualification:       M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 7.7 Years Industry:-
Email:                      nirmalkushwaha.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 8690483292                        View Profile

Name:                     Pratik R. Patel
Qualification:       M.E. (THERMAL ENGINEERING)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 7 Years Industry:- 1 Year
Email:                      pratikpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9998661271                         View Profile

Name:                      Subhasis P Sarkar
Qualification:       M.E. (Automobile Engg.), B.E. (Mechanical
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 6.8 Years Industry:- 1 Year
Email:                      subhasissarkar.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265 – 2303991, 9724843683  Ext:959                         View Profile

Name:                       Rahulkumar K Shah
Qualification:       M.Tech (Mechanical- Thermal)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 5 Years Industry:-
Email:                      rahulshah.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265 – 2303991, 9428367968                      View Profile

Name:                      Binesh P Vyas
Qualification:       M.Tech (CAD-CAM and Automation)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 6.5 Years Industry:- 0.7 Years
Email:                      bineshvyas.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265 – 2303991, 9913061106                        View Profile

Name:                      Mehul A Shah
Qualification:       M.E. (Thermal Engineering)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 5 Years Industry:- –
Email:                      mehulshah.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:   0265-2303991, 9574648444                        View Profile

Name:                     Darshak Shah
Qualification:       M.E. (Thermal), B.E. (Mechanical)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 3 years Industry:-
Email:                      darshakshah.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  9033808040                         View Profile

Name:                      Ketulkumar R Patel
Qualification:       ME (Advanced Manufacturing System)
Designation:         Assistant Professor
Experience:           Teaching:- 2 Years Industry:-
Email:                       ketulpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  +91-9998646220                         View Profile

Laboratory and Supporting Staff Mechanical Department

Name:                     Mr Ketan Bhatt
Qualification:      Diploma Mechanical
Designation:        Sr.Lab Technician
Experience:           Teaching:- 22 Years Industry:- 5 Years
Email:                       ketanbhatt.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  9924124290

Name:                     Mr Yogesh Badheka
Qualification:      MTI (Press tools and dies)
Designation:        Workshop attendant
Experience:          Teaching:- 12 Years Industry:- 10 Years
Email:                      yogeshbadheka.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  9998037932

Name:                     Mr. Rajesh Patel
Qualification:      ITI machinist
Designation:         Lab Assistant
Experience:           Teaching:- 14 Years Industry:- 10 Years
Email:                      rajeshpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  9601052163

Name:                     Mr. Dinesh Dindor
Qualification:      Diploma Mechanical
Designation:         Lab Assistant
Experience:           Teaching:- 13 Years Industry:-
Email:                      dineshdindor.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  9638427928

Name:                     Mr. Viral Patel
Qualification:       ITI (instrument mechanic)
Designation:         Lab Assistant
Experience:           Teaching:- 0.6 Years Industry:- 2 Years
Email:                      viralpatel.me@bitseducampus.ac.in
Contact Details:  9638650290