About Information Technology Department

Foundation of Babaria Institute of Technology, BITS Edu Campus was laid down in year 2004 and Department of Information Technology is established in 2020.

It is always believed that on one side technical education provides the brainpower to run the value adding processes of the nation. Technology is the vehicle for development and contributes to the conversion of material and other resources into value added products and services, which in turn enhances of quality of life of our people. The key to the engine of growth is the brain of techno scientific and managerial work force. This human resource provides the greatest advantage subject to condition the brainpower is developed to the fullest potential, both in numbers and quality. The quality of brainpower is the most important resources. This manifests itself through the quality of thinking.

On other side industrialization is one of the important means to user in economic and social transformation in the developing countries. From the view point of industrialization technical education is to produce engineers, managers and technologist. Major role of engineers and managers is to use latest technologies towards developments in industries & therefore in society. Development should lead to improved quality of life. Engineers can develop system to meet every ones need through proper use of resources to cater the needs of the society like Shelter, Water, Food, Electricity, Energy, Education, Infrastructures, Transportation, Domestic , comfort through appliances, which has bearing the quality of life. Quality engineers are required to those service industries.

The world today is dealing with Industry 4.0. It is fourth phase of industrial revolution that concerns industry.

The technical education is expected to teach science & technology dealing with the above aspects, as also courses on humanities to train the students as good human beings with discriminating attributes of proper use of technology.

To meet the gap between educational institute & IT industry one would like to act as a bridge & therefore would like to start advance and emerging courses and increase of strength to cater the need of various industries. So our upcoming department of Information technology is offering knowledge in emerging areas and strives to work towards the vision of the institute.

Objective of  IT Department

To educate students with proficiency in emerging areas of Information Technology and related engineering so as to comprehend engineering trade-offs, analyze, design, and synthesize data and technical concepts to create smart novel products and solutions for the real life problems.

To educate and prepare the students in professional IT career by acquiring knowledge in computing and principles to create human-machine interfaces.

Currently, following programmes are offered by the department:

  • Information Technology (Emerging Area)
  • INTAKE : 60

Why IT Department @Babaria Institute of Technology ?

  • First self-finance Engineering College in Vadodara Region which is “Internationally accredited with A+++ rating by IAO,USA”
  • Received “The Best Engineering College of Gujarat Award” – 2012, “National Education Excellence Award” – 2015 and “Campus Preparedness Award” – 2015
  • Excellent Hi-Tech Laboratories and ICT enabled smart class rooms
  • Library facilities with more than 10,000 online and offline books, CDs, magazines
  • Highly qualified, dynamic and experienced Faculties


To become a great contributor towards Digital India by developing quality IT engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers who can compete globally.


  1. To create worldwide competent students having ability to design, develop smart systems with intelligence.
  2. To impart continuous learning, comprehensive research in emerging  areas.
  3. Exchanging expertise with research, industry and academic organizations.
  4. To create an excellent environment for higher studies that leads to careers as smart  IT Professionals in the extensively diversified domains of industry, government and academia.