Laboratories – Electronics & Communication Engineering

  1. Software Lab

The following are the features of the software lab present in the department:

  • Total Number of Computers: 46
  • Technical Software available in the Software lab:
  3. XILINX 9.2i
  4. Atmel Studio 7.0
  5. Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1.1
  6. IAR Embedded Workbench

  • This Computer Lab is being extensively used by the B.E.& M.E. Project students in addition to the following regular Laboratory courses.
  1. Control System – III Semester B.E.
  2. Signals and Systems –IV Semester B.E.
  3. Microprocessor& Microcontroller –IV / V Semester B.E.
  4. VLSI, TSSN, AMP – VI Semester B.E
  5. Wireless Communication, DSP, DCN, Embedded System – VII Semester B.E
  6. Fundamental OF Image Processing – VIII Semester B.E
  7. Advance Communication Network, Advance Digital Signal Processing – I / II Semester M..E
  1. AnalogLaboratory

Analog laboratory comprising amplifier characteristic trainer kits, operational amplifier trainers, Audio / Video Engineering trainer kits.

  1. Communication Laboratory

Communication laboratory has GPS and Radar Trainer kits; Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer kits, Mobile Evaluation kit for GSM and CDMA techniques, “Microwave Test Bench with Gun Supply” and “Satellite Communication Trainer” model.

  1. Antenna and Wave Propagation Laboratory

Antenna and wave propagation laboratory containing Antenna Trainer with Motorized rotating unit and Plotting Software with convenient carrying case for all Accessories with 22 Antennas and software High Frequency Structural Simulator (HFSS) for 25 users.

  1. Microcontroller Laboratory

Microcontroller laboratory having Microcontroller 8051 kits, ARM controller kits and VLSI Trainer kits.