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Innovation is important in today’s engineering world which demands the high level of creativity. Engineering projects are given to computer science and engineering students with the intention of promoting and developing a road map in the minds of growing engineers.

Best 3 Final Year Projects


R a n kE n r o l l m e n t  No.N a m eT o p i cProject Description
1st160053107023Solanki Anant J.Smart City using IoTThe main goal of project of smart city using IoT is to solve the basic problem in the city such as proper use or parking space, efficient utilization of city light, automate watering of plant to make the city environment better, proper disposal of garbage, save time while travelling and protection against environmental hazard.
160053107510Prajapati Mittalben C.
160053107507Padhiyar Payalben J.

Photographs of Smart City using IoT

2nd150050107506Patel Himanshu N.Tumor Detection from Brain MRI Images The objective of project is to remove/reduce the problems of the currently used method of segmentation i.e. manual segmentation performed by specialists.

The main problems of the current method are: Slow Process, Tedious Work, Prone to Errors, Not Very Accurate and Depends on Experience of the Specialist

Project resolve the above mentioned problems by applying a method for automatic segmentation of tumor from brain MRI using deep learning. This creates a directory of patients for the specialists, so that they can check it at any time via cloud.

150050107043Patel Krishna J.
150050107054Nishit Sehgal
170057107002Pathak Shrish
150050107505Goenka Kavish S.

Photographs of Project Team – Tumor Detection from Brain MRI Images

3rd150050107544Rana Darshankumar S.Baby AssistantThe Baby Assistant Project solves the modern Generation Parent Problem. When baby cry then baby assistant automatically behave like baby mother and cradle start to swing and sound of carels or mom recorded special carels or voice started so baby go to sleep again. For fun of baby, baby assistant is added with toy. It also starts automatically when baby cry.
150050107560Mahida Yatrikuvarba
150050107545Raulji Jesal K.
150050107501Darji Neel B.

Photograph of Baby Assistant Project


R a n kE n r o l l m e n t  No.N a m eT o p i cProject Description
1st140050107002Wadnerkar AdityaIntelligent Intra-City Transport This project is a blend of technologies ranging from IoT, Cloud to Android/Web-Apps.

This App will Notify the passengers about the space/seats available in the bus. Inform them about the availability of buses coming to their stop. Communicate the position of the approaching vehicle to the Commuters. Brief them about the bus route and the stops via which a particular bus will travel and give them the provision to check bus timings for arrival and departure from any stop.

140050107026Doshi Krinal
140050107032Amin Harsh
140050107045Khan Ali
140050107048Thakker Krishna

Photograph of Intelligent Intra-City Transport

2nd140050107017Vaman DasSmart SilentThis project consists of an android application which uses user’s location. It will use GPS and Google APIs to implement the “Smart Silent” App aimed to provide Automated Location Based Services. The whole concept is that, when someone reaches any desired place then the mobile should perform specified actions automatically such as changing profiles, scheduling messages and reminders.
150053107502Kishan Vadaliya
140054107002Anghani Ruchit

Photograph of Smart Silent Project

3rd140050107053Malvik PatelHighway LevyWhen we encounter a toll plaza/booth, we have to wait in queues, sometimes even for more than 30 minutes, to get our turn to pay the taxes.

This project consists of an android and web based application, such that it provides features like personal sign in of the user, not only that but, the user can book his toll ticket before reaching the tollbooth, on success booking, amount will be added to the Wallet. With the help of raspberry pi, installed at tollbooth with Desktop App, the user doesn’t need to stop and continue its monotonous speed. As the payment will be debited from the wallet.

140050107039Bharvi Joshi
140050107007Kajal Bhagat
150053107003Hetakshi Desai

Photograph – Highway Levy Project


R a n kE n r o l l m e n t  No.N a m eT o p i cProject Description
1st140053131012Nisha MoriGreen Home Automation Green Home Automation is the automatic control and monitoring of household appliances and plants. This project is a demonstration of how to design and build a multi-purpose remotely controlled system that can switch OFF and ON any electrical household appliance (including light and fan), by PIR sensor which detects human radiations and send to a microcontroller that controls automatic switching on and off of the appliance including controlling it with MQTT protocol and in plant maintenance with the help of moisture sensor and temperature sensor, humidity of soil can be measured and when the humidity level goes low water will be given for 1 minute.
140053131022Namrata Sane
140053131007Kirti Borse

Photograph of Green Home Automation Project Team

2nd130050131516Galaiya UmangMachine Learning for Healthcare: Diagnosis of Brain TumorThe main objective of developing this system is to create an efficient prediction system that complements radiologists’ abilities by facilitating diagnosis of brain tumor. Once the MRI scan is done and before the radiologist looks at it, the computer should be able to perform basic diagnosis based on a Machine Learning model. This will facilitate the radiologist in performing diagnosis at a quicker rate.

It performs diagnosis of brain tumor automatically. System accuracy increases over time.

130050131124Zarrar Shaikh
130050131104Shukla Richa
130050131018Dodia Soham

Photograph of Machine Learning for Healthcare: Diagnosis of Brain Tumor Project Team

3rd130050131083Priyam ModiMedicoPlusThe main purpose of this project is to build a system that will ease the process of Municipal Corporation to keep track on the Number of people suffering from particular diseases with its area and Consulted doctor.  It will also ease the process of booking appointment to consult a doctor. A patient will book the appointment through his/her mobile phone or using web service. The doctor will come to know the number of patients he has to attend whole day. The system will prove to be useful for Municipal Corporation by keeping day to day track of the no. of people suffering from common diseases and to the doctors as they can check their appointments whenever and from wherever he wants from this application. It will be very useful for the general public as they can book appointment gets their reports in the app and they can also order their prescribed medicine using the app itself.
130050131099Kush Shah
130050131098Karan Shah
130050131118Rushabh Vakharwala

Photograph of MedicoPlus Project Team

Our Top 10 Academic Performers with CGPA score in passing year 2019

Student NameStudent IDCGPA Score
SHAH ANERI VIJAYBHAI1500501070979.15
BIDHUSHA ANIL1500501070119.1
PATEL DISHA HITESH1500501075269.09
BANSRI KUMARI PATEL1500501070088.91

Our Top 10 Academic Performers with CGPA score in passing year 2018

Student NameStudent IDCGPA Score
Abhishek Jain1400501070339.4
Dhruvi Rajput1400501070259.2
Vishal Batvia1400501071259.16
Viraj Bhakta1400501075579.16
ARUNUDAY GANJU1400501070299.14
Jinal Mayavanshi1400501070569.11
Richa Patel1400501070919.08
Akanksha Jain1400501075039.05
Afzal Jumani1400501070409
Bharavi Joshi1400501070398.99
Krinal Doshi1400501070268.94

Our Top 10 Academic Performers with CGPA score in passing year 2017

Student NameStudent IDCGPA Score
Nikita Rathod1300501310879.6
Krut Patel1300501310719.42
Galaiya Umang Rajesh1300501315169.33
Rohan Shah1300501311029.29
Richa Shukla1300501311049.23
Neelkumar Vijaykumar Patel1300501310728.98
Mehta Yash1300501310448.96
Patel Priya1300501310828.89
Zarrar Shaikh1300501311248.87