Expert Lecture & Industry Visit Mechanical Department

Seminar on “3D printing – Print Your Imagination…”

A seminar on “3D printing – Print Your Imagination…” was organized for students of Mechanical department on 24th of September 2016, at BITS Edu Campus. Mr. Ronaksinh Parmar (Owner of Utpal 3D system pvt ltd – Ahmadabad) was invited as the expert.

The seminar and live demo was initiated and coordinated by Dr Santosh G Shah, Director (Innovation) for Mechanical department students.

The seminar started at 3:00 pm. The Director(Innovation), HOD and faculty members of Mechanical Department and the students were present.

Mr. Rinak sinh explained various types of 3D printers, their working principle, the advantages and disadvantages of various printers and the variety of applications of 3D printers. The expert also demonstrated some 3D printed models. The curiosity among the students was at very high level and they were quite excited to know more about this advanced technology. The students asked many questions and the expert answered them upto their satisfaction level and cleared all the doubts.

After completing the seminar, the students were given a chance to see the one more live demo of 3D printing and also to see some 3D printed objects.

At the end, Shri Sudhir K. Patel (Campus Director) presented the memento to Mr. Ronak as a token of appreciation and love on belaf of the management of BITS Edu Campus.

Live Demo of 3D printing @ Workshop…

A live Demo of 3D printing (continuously running for 4 hours) was also arranged in the workshop for the students. The live demonstration in the workshop started at 12:30 pm and last up to 4:30 pm. The students from various departments grabbed the opportunity and saw the actual working of 3D printer.

Expert Lecture & Industry Visit