About Science & Humanity Department

Babaria Institute of Technology was established in the year 2004. Since its commencement, Department of Science and Humanity is a part of the Babaria Institute of Technology. Science and Humanity Department includes four major disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Communication Skills and Management. Science and Humanity Department is one of the primary engineering departments of the Institute. The department has grown tremendously since it has established.

The department of Science and Humanity BITS is well established with high quality laboratories in Physics with rich blend of traditional and modern equipments. Our well qualified faculty members from various specialized fields of Science and Humanity are dedicated to perform their duties and cultivating strong links with other academic institution and research institutions outside. Apart from academics, Science and Humanity department is strongly working on inculcating discipline, moral values and character development in today’s youth of engineering. Science and Humanity department of BITS feel proud to contribute towards the training to the future Engineers for their endeavours.

Infrastructure Science & Humanity Department

In order to cope with the global requirements the institute provides the latest facilities to the students such as Multimedia Class Rooms (Higher Semester), Networking of Class Rooms with electronic database and Multimedia Theatres for conferencing. The building has well equipped laboratories to conduct experimental works. All the lecture halls are well ventilated and to be provided with latest teaching aids like multimedia-overhead projectors along with the black boards. Following are the well established laboratories in Physics – Science and Humanity Department.

1. Physics

The laboratory is designed to give exposure in practical works carried out in different areas of engineering Physics viz. wave, non linear optics, semiconductor and optoelectronics device. The laboratory is equipped with following major equipments.

  • SCINE TECH 10 Mhz Modulation Function Pulse Generator (ST 4064)
  • Electromagnet
  • Testronix 72- Signal Generator
  • Constant Current Power Supply (NV623)
  • Hall Voltage Measurement Unit (NV622)
  • Gauss and Tesla Meter (NV621)
  • Travelling Microscope
  • Fiber Optics Kit Link a
  • I-V Characteristic of Solar Cell Setup
  • I-V Characteristic of p-n Junction Diode
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscope